Confidence through Standardization

Objectively & consistently responds to the regulatory guidance and requirements of financial institution supervisors and regulators world-wide, while peer benchmarking sets a framework for future AML industry standards.

Efficiency through Automation

Multi-user platform helps identify money laundering risk within and across lines of businesses, and assists in mitigating risk by filling the gaps in AML controls.

Transparency in Communicating Your Money Laundering Risks

Presentation-ready reports, summaries and scoring deliver a comprehensive money laundering risk profile to examiners, board members and stakeholders.

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AML Risk Assessment Resources

According to a 2013 survey of 500 financial institution respondents, conducted by ACAMS & LexisNexis, AML departments are facing a variety of obstacles and challenges, including the following:

Of institutions update their AML risk assessment annually

Most institutions are updating their AML risk assessments on an annual basis

Take up to 3 months to complete the process

Nearly half of institutions spend a quarter of their year to complete the AML risk assessment process

Are using manual processes to complete their assessments

The majority of institutions have no standardized means to conduct their reviews and have no central resource at their disposal

Source: 2013 ACAMS & LexisNexis Survey: Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment and Customer Due Diligence—a Global Perspective

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